“Trendy” House Plants for 2022

Philodendron ‘Birkin’

For this first time this year, I have seen two separate posts about the “hot house plants for 2022.”

Each post was actually fairly well done. Rather than say that “Philodendron ‘Birkin'” or even the genus philodendron (which admittedly does seem to be having a moment!), is the hot plant, they chose what I will call types or classes of plants for the next latest and greatest thing.

This article from Architectural Digest perhaps says it best: they chose “large plants, flowering plants, and ferns,” as their 3 hot trends for 2022. And I don’t think that’s entirely unrealistic. For one thing, larger plants are easier to maintain than smaller plants–at least for me. I found when I had house sitters, the large plants always managed to survive, but the smaller plants in say, 4″ pots, were always crispy–if not completely dead–by the time I returned from a week away. It was a little disappointing–having to choose between vacation and foliage.

Similarly, I love foliage plants but I do have a few nice flowering plants in my collection and I am always thrilled when I do their thing (or, when, surprisingly, something that I grow for foliage, like my crotons, flower! That’s perhaps best of all!!)

Ferns, however, are not for me–and even AD admits that you need a lot more humidity than I am willing to bother with. But perhaps someday….

This article from The Spruce does name specific trendy houseplants for 2022–specific as to genus and species in a couple of instances. I can’t say that I agree with all of them–but I will let you check out the article for yourself.

One genus of houseplants that it loves is hoya. I can probably go along with that, because there is probably a hoya for almost everyone.

Another is syngonium. While personally I don’t care for that plant, it is easy to grow so long as it is kept relatively moist. And I will leave the other 3 for your discovery.

One thing does make me wonder, however: if houseplants have become “trendy,” what is the next big thing? Because once something becomes trendy, it seems to me, it may already be on the downward slide.

I hope that I am mistaken–I have been a houseplant lover for decades–too many decades to admit to! So all this interest in houseplants, and their ready availability, has been a joy for me! I would hate to see it wane.

But with any luck, houseplants are here to stay, whether they are trendy or not. Time will tell.

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