My Plants Live in the Wrong Climate

Croton, Norfolk Island Pine and Olive plants

I was watering my plants this past weekend and they looked reasonably happy for the moment despite the colder than normal weather we have been having and the persistent cloudiness.

Variegated lemon

One of the things that I object to most about winter is not so much the cold–which of course is a given–but that we so rarely see the sun. It’s depressing–and the plants don’t care for it either.

Oakleaf croton and Jerusalem cherry

By the time we get to March–when we begin to see sunny days again on an almost regular basis and the sun carries some warmth as well–these plants will be pale remnants of their former selves and I will be counting the weeks until I can get them outside to revive them.

Ah well. I am fortunate to worry about such minor things.

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