Don’t Believe the Calendar–Winter is Here

Hyacinths in forcing jars

I don’t know about you, but there are certain things that I always do as the outdoor gardening season comes to a close and the dark, cold days of winter come upon us.

Hyacinths that I am forcing

One of those things is to force bulbs for winter. Now obviously this takes a little bit of planning–I have to get the bulbs while they are still on offer in the garden centers (although, depending on how quickly the weather cools down, sometimes that’s not a problem. This year we are in full on holiday mode in every place I have been, so if I hadn’t bought these in early September, I would have been out of luck, or perhaps hoping to find them by mail order).

By the way, for those of you who remember my post about this time last year about how nicely I had organized my potting shed–oh well. It’s certainly due for another overhaul.

I will also plant amaryllis and paperwhites, but not until later in the season.

None of these will be ready for the traditional winter holidays. That’s not why I do this. They will be ready in February, about the time I just can’t take anymore cold or snow or ice. It’s perfect.

And I will start the amaryllis and paperwhites to be ready after the new year as well. It seems to me that there is a letdown after the holidays. That’s when I want my plants to take over and cheer me up!

And maybe while I am snowed in, I will once again get this area reorganized and ready for spring!

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