Holiday Cactus are Blooming

The first of my zygocacti to bloom every year

The above plant is always the first to bloom and it has bloomed as early as mid-October, causing me to question which holiday, exactly, it was named for. This year it’s closer to the winter holidays–I suppose I could call it the Veterans Day cactus since we are commemorating that holiday this week

Unnamed zygocacti

It has some company for earliest bloomer this year. I am not sure of this variety. Several of my zygocacti lost their “name tags” this summer. And of course, when I buy them locally, they are often unnamed, which I find unfortunate.

Even without cultivar names, I love them. I probably have almost 20 already–and I am quite sure that I will be adding to the collection. I still don’t have a pure white. I will keep trying for that.

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