2021 Money Pit Garden Awards

I had to reblog this because it is the funniest, most well done thing I have ever seen.

As garden writers, I propose we all adopt these categories…..

The Chatsworth Lady

If movies, plays, and television shows can have their annual awards, why not our own gardens? In that vein, I’m inaugurating them here at the Money Pit, starting with this gardening year of 2021. And of course, just like in the awards shows, there is a ‘Gone But Not Forgotten’ plant-obituary column for the year as well.

Surprising Success Award (a/k/a The Smiley)

Several plants vied for this one but the winner is Rose ‘Earth Song’, even though I should have expected it, having grown this in my previous garden where it was one of the stars. However, I truly did not expect the 10” own-root bare twig received in late May (sorry, no photo of that phase) to put out several new branches in June, open its first of several buds in mid-July, and then continue to more than double its size and bloom nonstop for the next…

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