Zygocacti and Seasonal Changes

Three Zygo or Holiday Cacti

It’s a little difficult to tell but there are 3 clay pots of zygo cacti on this plant stand. I segregated them from the other 10 pots that I have because they were beginning to form buds and I wanted them to get a little more light.

But all the zygocacti are definitely flowering later this year. For years, one would be in flower right around the holiday that we just celebrated on Monday. That cactus is called Holiday Delight and I always joke that it is a good thing that they never specified which holiday.

Perhaps one of these will be in bloom by Halloween, although that seems ambitious. But surely Thanksgiving is within reach. We’ll see.

What makes these plants bloom anyway? A combination of light and temperature. Clearly as my post on Monday indicated, it’s been much warmer this fall. So while the sunsets remain the same, the warmer temperatures have probably told these plants that it isn’t quite time to set buds yet.

That’s fine. They will simply bloom closer to the actual “holidays ” for which they are named and perhaps into next year as well. I love flowers in the dead of winter so that’s fine with me.

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