The Birds Know

Robins on a lawn

These few robins on a neighbor’s lawn do not begin to tell the story. Whenever I leave my house recently, there is a cacophony of bird calls.

There are flocks of sparrows on the grass (and blue jays watching, giving the alarm call whenever I try to take a photo). There are mixed flocks of starlings and grackles in the trees–almost any tree, but especially the native dogwoods. This time of year, they methodically work their way up the street, eating the fruit off every tree in sight. You can hear them coming.

What is my point? The forecast for this week is for unreasonable warmth with temperatures by Friday reaching near 80.

That’s all well and good but all this bird activity tells a different story. If the date on the calendar isn’t telling us that cold weather will soon be upon us, the birds are reminding us that it will be.

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