Broccoli microgreens

I have wanted to grow microgreens for quite some time. I have saved containers for it and even acquired seeds that were appropriate like celery and of course leaf lettuces.

I always have seed starting soil on hand, so that’s not a problem.

But did I ever actually grow the little microgreens? Don’t be ridiculous! I am capable of executing much more complex gardening projects–but throwing some seeds evenly on seed starting mix and keeping them moist for a few days? Bah! Too complicated for me!

So I finally decided that I would take the guess work out of it (and try to improve my diet a bit) with these pre-planted seed mats.

Supposedly they are fool proof–but that’s only if you are paying attention. I was cleaning on Saturday and realized that not only had these sprouted, but some were growing right through their paper covering. Oops. Luckily, it was paper so I could delicately tear it away without too much damage.

Seed quilt

With this next set, I will try to pay more attention.

Now the trick is to use the first set before I actually get little broccoli plants. It’s too cold now for that!

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