Clash of Seasons

Basil with sleeping bumblebee

This is a strange time of year. It’s been warm, unlike last year, when I was already wearing gloves this time of year. But we are definitely into fall. The days are shorter, the nights are cooler and the basil in the above photo definitely has a limited amount of days or weeks left. It’s right outside my porch door, but its roots have grown out the bottom of the pot and into the soil so it’s done really well. But that’s how I managed to pick up the hitchhiking bee I wrote about Friday.

OsoEasy Double Red

Roses are still blooming

Colchicum autumnal

But so are the colchicum, ironically in a rose garden. So that really causes a bit of a clashing season thing for me!

Morning glories, goldenrod and rose hips

And here’s an interesting combination: morning glories, rambling over everything, but especially over rose hips and goldenrod.

One thing that you don’t find in my yard are mums. I have bad memories of deadheading thousands of them from my retail gardening days. So none of those for me.

It won’t be long before I need the gloves again. But for now, I am enjoying the unusual clash of the seasons in my yard.

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