A Buzzy Confession

No photos today because it’s raining and quite dark outside. And while I am always grateful for rain, it doesn’t let me photograph nicely.

I went outside this morning as soon as our newspapers came so that they wouldn’t drown. All the plants near the door were bowed down by the rain.

So I got the papers, put them where the Spoiler will find them as I usually do every morning and sat back down for my morning ritual. When I glanced down, there was something on my leg.

By now you know where this is going. The gardener in me always knows just to brush everything off quickly and then look so that’s what I did–to find one of those big fuzzy bumblebees crawling around on my rug.

Obviously this was unacceptable. I wanted to take it back outside so I found a cup that I put over it and then I slid some stiff paper under the cup for a lid. But of course now I have an angry bee.

I did manage to walk it safely back outside–and here’s the confession part: I started to think about all the care I took with that bee. I wondered how solicitous I would be of people. It was kind of a sad indictment.

Let us hope that I will show at least the same care–if not more–to my fellow life travelers.

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