Okay You Have Brought in Your House Plants–Now What?

Surely I can fit a few more plants in here, right?

As you can see, I have a lot of house plants. And almost everything in this photo went outside for the summer.

So now that it’s all crowded back inside, what am I looking at and for?

First, I am still double checking for any unwelcome visitors. This past weekend when I cleaned my house, I was delighted to discover all sorts of tiny spiders cleaning up after any stray insects that might have come in. Although they might give my windowsills a bit of an early Halloween look, I don’t mind. They’re actually doing a lot of plant housekeeping for me. They are very welcome guests.

Next I am checking moisture levels. Some of these plants are still drying out very quickly–every 3 or 4 days. Others are still soaked from the drowning they got in all those tropical storms. As a general rule, the plants that were very thirsty outside are going to need to be watered more often inside. These are the ones that have already dried out and that I have already watered once or more since I have brought them inside.

Finally, I am turning them. Because the light levels are lower inside, plants will tend to lean toward it. So every time I check them or water them, I turn them.

So that’s what I am busy with right now. But I am never too busy to enjoy the plants.

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