Flowers Fade but Foliage is Forever

Collection of foliage plants

I was typing a description for a house plant lecture that I will be giving later this fall and I used the line that is the title of this post.

Now technically of course it’s not true. Leaves die too. But the point I was making–as shown in the photo above–is that colorful house plants are colorful all year; whereas a blooming plant blooms for a short period of time and then you simply have green leaves generally (unless you have a variegated kind).

In fact that’s generally what I recommend: unless a variegated plant is a weak variety (or unless you don’t like the color of the variegation with the flower color), buy the variegated plant so that you have something interesting to look at once the flowering is done.

As for these plants, if they flower at all, you don’t really notice. The flowers are completely unremarkable.

For the next few weeks, I will be highlighting some of the more interesting house plants with great foliage. Because as we start thinking about shorter days, it’s nice to have something bright to look forward to.

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