Weeds and Never-blooming Hydrangeas

It’s a challenge to find the “never-blooming” hydrangea in this photo. It’s there, just behind the large white rock in the center of the garden.
Never blooming hydrangea liberated from the weeds

This photo makes things clearer. Why do I call this the never blooming hydrangea? It’s a play on its name. This one and one you will see in a moment were sold as “ever blooming” hydrangeas.

Obviously, I don’t believe any hydrangea does that, but the idea was that it was supposed to bloom blue, turn purple and then turn green. Pretty neat. And yes, last year, they did. This year they took so long to leaf out that I thought they were dead. If appendicitis hadn’t intervened, they probably would already be compost.

Second never bloomer, before weeding

As you can see, I had quite a bit of weeding to do.

Spot for a new hydrangea

This spot in particular needs a lot of work. Can you see the new hose coiled up under the weeds? We’re still waiting for the repair person to fix the water spigot and siding from where the tree damaged it in March. He came out to look at it and never returned in the fine manner of pandemic repair folks.

Limelight prime in place

So I have done my work here. Now if we can get the water and siding repaired…..

New hydrangea by gazing ball

In fact, I have done my work all along this garden bed. I fear that I will be using watering cans for the foreseeable future, however. But, on the plus side, maybe that will keep the weeds down.

As for the never blooming hydrangeas, I am giving them one last chance in my office garden. It’s a bit of a microclimate there because the building is brick. If they don’t bloom next year, it’s off to the compost pile.

2 thoughts on “Weeds and Never-blooming Hydrangeas

  1. The Chatsworth Lady August 4, 2021 / 10:48 am

    I feel your (weed) pain! In my garden the copperleaf has been growing bigger and faster than I remember it doing before. And don’t even get me started on the oxalis!

  2. gardendaze August 4, 2021 / 11:02 am

    Ugh, that oxalis! One plant, 60,000 seeds. I just comfort myself with the idea that the birds like some of the gazillion seeds.

    My version of your Audrey was out nicely nibbling on some portulaca coming up in a rock patio. I was cheering her on until I realized that she had nibbled it so low that I would have to wait for it to grow up again a bit to weed it out. Oh well–it’s not as if I don’t have lots of other places to weed in the interim. 🙂


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