This container is no more

You may remember this container from a Wordless Wednesday in June. Luckily I have this photo because I came home from work one afternoon, stopped at the bottom of the driveway to get the mail and happened to glance up at my house.

Where the container had been–alongside the driveway (at least 2 feet off the driveway, mind you, a good safe distance from vehicles, I thought), there was just debris, soil and wilting plants. I couldn’t even recognize what had been there.

So I went up to the house, got gloves, my trash barrel and something to put the soil in and came back down to the spot where the planter had been.

I still don’t know what became of the planter. There was so little of it left–it was as if it simply imploded and disappeared.

I managed to salvage the verbena, the impatiens, the trailing sweet potato vine and perhaps the lantana. The jury is still out on whether that is going to survive. I don’t know what became of the marigolds. They probably imploded with the planter. The angelonia was a loss.

Do I know who did this? I have my suspicions but I can’t prove it. Obviously no one took responsibility. Whoever did it had to have known. I can only hope that, if I am correct, there are repercussions from their employer. No one should be permitted to recklessly destroy property.

2 thoughts on “Demolished

  1. gardendaze August 1, 2021 / 6:27 am

    I know, right? Even an ” I’m sorry I backed over your flowers ” note would have gone a long way towards at least making me feel like someone cared.


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