Summer Home

Lake view–what a difference!

Clearly the plants have gone on their summer vacation. These are how my windows now look from the inside.

The “before ” photo

In this photo, you see a bit of staging for the plants.

“After” photo

And here they are on summer vacation. I never realized that most of my plants–even those that are in East or West windows when they are inside–really want shade outside. That’s why most are all crowded together here under this old dogwood tree.

Sun plants

Here are the sun lovers. They are citrus and croton, for the most part, with a few others thrown in.

Herb corner

And here are the herbs, both tender ones like basil that I plant new every year, bay and tender rosemary and lavender that I overwinter, and a few evergreens that winter on my sun porch.

Behind that, in the window of the sun porch, the succulents are just barely visible. They don’t come outside because of uncertain watering. I can’t control nature.

The plants are all set for summer. Now I have to do the same for me!

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