My Beginnings as a Gardener

Grape hyacinths

What I want you to notice here is the many cut muscari–or grape hyacinths as they are commonly known. I have just cut all these from plants–or bulbs, more correctly–that are growing in our lawn. We’ll be doing the first mowing this week and I can’t bear to see flowers get chopped up by a lawn mower.

But why that strange title on my post? If you read the tab on the blog called “Introduction ” you’ll see that I trace my beginnings as a gardener back to the age of 3 when I used to do the exact same thing–except in that case, I was “saving” naturalized violas commonly known as Johnny Jump Ups from my Dad’s mower. Old habits never die, I guess.

Also notice–and I didn’t plan this, I just grabbed a handy box from my recycling bin on the way out the door–the great interplay with the red box and the purple flowers. Red and purple are one of my favorite color combinations. To me, they just go together. A lot of people might find this as clownish as I find that sweet pink and yellow from last Monday.

Remember , if we all liked the same thing….

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