A Croton Second Look

Croton with spike

Remember this from a couple of weeks ago? It was in a post about having plants in the right place, and ignoring advice about how difficult certain plants are to grow.

I said in that post that a plant will be very quick to let you know if it’s unhappy–I have a low light plant in one of my rooms upstairs that has burned patches on its leaves as I type this so I can attest to that. What happened? Did I move the plant? No. The sun moved in the sky and now the plant is getting too much light. Oopsie! It’s a danger this time of year before the leaves fill in on our deciduous trees. So I moved the plant. It told me what it wanted in no uncertain terms!

Croton in bloom

Here’s the update on the croton. It’s blooming. I hadn’t missed the flowers. I feel much better about that.

Larger, non-blooming croton

Its buddy, right next to it, is not blooming, however. And it’s not telling me why either. Hmmm.

One thought on “A Croton Second Look

  1. George Koulomzin April 2, 2021 / 4:24 pm

    A new Android app called Sun And Shade Analyzer solves this problem quickly, elegantly, and scientifically.

    Sun And Shade Analyzer will accurately compute the average hours of direct sunlight a plant would receive during any part of the year. Sun And Shade Analyzer is predictive — it computes the sun’s daily and seasonal movements, and uses your device’s camera to “see” all obstructions (trees, buildings, etc.) which would throw shade on your plant. The average you get would be the same as if you put a “sun stick” in the ground and monitored it every minute for the entire part of the year you are interested in, and then took an average! (excluding cloudy days😉). It can even simulate foliage if necessary, to compensate for fallen leaves. All this is very inexpensive!

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