Right (House) Plant, Right Place


Depending on what you might have read, this is either an easy care house plant or a difficult house plant. But if you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I can manage to kill some of the easier care house plants and I have had great success with some plants that are supposedly difficult.

So I think that we are doing everyone a disservice by describing house plants as “easy” or “difficult.” We don’t describe garden plants in this manner. Can you imagine if we suddenly started describing maple trees as “easy” and “oak” trees as “difficult? How absurd would that be?

How about if azaleas were easy (which they’re not) but roses were difficult (which they are also not)? Again, how silly would that sound?

So why do we persistently lump whole genuses of house plants as easy (I am thinking of you, snake plants! Nothing is easy if you stick it in a dark corner and water it too much!)

“Berries” on my croton

This actually is the level of benign neglect your house plants need. Obviously this plant was so happy that it flowered. I somehow missed the flowering completely but I did manage to notice the little berries that have formed. So clearly this plant is in the right place even in a snowy Connecticut winter.

You want to pay enough attention so that insects don’t get a foothold. You want to make sure that you are watering properly for a plant’s needs. Beyond that, try not to worry about artificial ideas, light meters or other extraneous things. The plant will let you know if it’s happy. This is proof.

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