Seeds Are Still Available Everywhere. Please Don’t Break the Internet

What on earth occasions the title of this post? What else? Misinformation that I saw somewhere over the weekend on social media.

Luckily, I have forgotten where I saw it but I suspect that it was Facebook or Twitter. The post said that a certain seed company–who will remain nameless because the post was wrong–was only accepting seed orders from commercial growers and woe is me, what on earth was the poster to do?

So of course the first thing I did–because this just sounded crazy to me–was to head over to that seed catalog’s web site. Yes, they are accepting commercial orders only–just until February 10. Is that such a crisis?

So I decided to see what some of the other organic and non-gmo seed companies are doing.

One is closed for the next 4 days to catch up. Another accepts orders only 2 days a week. Reasonable modifications during a global pandemic.

But seed shortages? Commercial selling only? No. Please read carefully. Please don’t panic. And most important, please don’t spread this mistake online and panic others.

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