Reminders of a Warmer Time

Aglaeonema leaf with insect damage

I am guessing when you saw that title, insect damage wasn’t what you were thinking. But I confess, every time I see this leaf, I think back to the days when my house plants were outside–so late spring and summer.

In my climate, in an optimal year, if I am lucky, they go outside in early May and come back inside in early September. It’s not that September isn’t warm enough for them to stay outside. It’s a quality of light issue.

When they come back inside, the light level drops dramatically for them, even if I place them in South windows. So the sooner I can transition them in, while light levels are still relatively high, the better it is for them. There is significantly less leaf loss.

Orchid leaf

You wouldn’t think an insect would like to chew a leathery leaf like this, would you, but obviously it did. It took several bites out of several leaves. I find this extremely interesting. It just reminds me of what goes on outside that I never see.

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