First Big Snow

So most people have heard about the big snow storm that hit the northeast. As snow goes, it was actually fairly average for Connecticut–in my town we had just about a foot–but of course it’s been a few years since we have had this much snow. And none of us is getting any younger.

Front steps snowed in

This doesn’t look like much–there’s no perspective. Consider that 3 steps are buried under there.

Steps–one half dug

This is better. The steps on the left have been dug out. The ones on the right–obviously not. Again, I am not getting any younger. But the real reason is that I prefer deliveries to go to the door on the left. This is a surefire way to direct them there.

Basement walkout

If anyone can answer how this stairwell always drifts completely in–full of snow–with every storm. It’s on the south side of our house and the storms come from the northeast. Clearly the winds eddy around and the snow drifts in. But this is the shoveling job that kills me every time!

2 thoughts on “First Big Snow

  1. tonytomeo December 19, 2020 / 12:00 pm

    I know nothing of drifting snow. It does not snow here. I suspect it is like sand on the beach, which accumulated where there is less wind.

  2. gardendaze December 19, 2020 / 12:15 pm

    There is a whole science of snow, of which I profess near ignorance. What little I know, I learned in Colorado and know that it’s fairly complex.

    Snow will eddy around a pine tree and form this thing called a tree well. If a skier accidentally skis into it, it’s like being trapped in an an avalanche. He slips down and can suffocate if not rescued immediately.

    And of course avalanche science is complex as well.

    So I am sure that there’s some explanation for this. I just don’t quite know.

    I grew up at the Jersey shore where nor’easters would occasionally bring snow, but just as often there would be the biting, stinging, blowing sand. One memorable storm had payloaders plowing feet of sand from the streets.

    Our worst storms–until Sandy–were always nor’easters.


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