So Far, The Squirrels Are Right

October snow

So this might not look impressive, but it actually is the second largest snowfall on record for October for Connecticut. Some places got almost 6″. We got about a third of that.

What this means, however, is that if it snows in November and December this year–which is likely–we will only have had 4 months without snowfall in 2020 (June–September). That’s a little crazy. This is not Colorado.

Then again, just because this is 2020, this year Connecticut had more tornadoes than Oklahoma City. So it’s been a strange weather year all year.

And of course I spent most of the summer talking about the drought. June through August was our driest weather period on record. Luckily we seem to have made up some of our rainfall deficit–some of it–by picking up moisture from the tail ends of the gulf hurricanes. We had 5″ of moisture in October–some of it as snow, of course, but I will take what I can get.

But back to the squirrels in my title. After the snow, it got very cold–down into the low twenties. There was black ice everywhere. What wasn’t snow covered had hoar frost or rime ice.

And as I was walking the dog, chunks of ice were falling from the trees.

You can see one of these chunks in the middle of the oak leaves. It wasn’t the nicest walk.

So score one for the squirrels being right about the cold, at least so far. Let’s see what the rest of winter brings–and technically, it’s still fall!

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