Almost Ready Fruit

Variegated Lemon

Every harvest is easy when you grow container fruit. Of course, just as it’s easy for the grower, it is easy for any critters might be local to the grower’s area.

I was fortunate this year. I was able to grab my figs away from the squirrels and chipmunks before they got to them. If you were reading earlier in the season, you saw that I had to harvest my tomatoes while they were still practically green to avoid losing them to squirrels, chipmunks and birds.

I also lost 3 of my 4 lemons this year. I think a couple actually blew off in the tropical storm in early August. One was definitely carried away by a squirrel–I saw its teeth marks in it. And surprisingly, one still hangs on. I was surprised to see it when I watered the other day.

And I have these, shown above. The plant is labeled as a kumquat but I think that it’s just a variegated lemon. That’s actually okay. It appears odd enough to fake out the critters, and I can always use more lemons!

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