House Plants Slow Down for Winter

When I first brought my plants in from their little “summer vacation ” outside, I found that the ones in the south windows needed water twice a week. It was almost as if they were still outside and needing that constant moisture that they had been getting there.

It’s now been 5 weeks and they’re back on the indoor schedule. Just in this last week, they haven’t needed that mid-week drink. Some of those that I checked this weekend didn’t even need water after a full week. So growth is definitely slowing as the light diminishes.

It’s also getting cooler. And of course, as it gets cooler outside, it gets cooler inside my house. I talk about how cold we keep our house. Yesterday it was 62 degrees when I got up–that’s almost winter cold for the plants. So they will use less water–and if I don’t adjust, I will rot their roots.

Finally, not that I ever feed my house plants, but if I were so inclined, this is definitely the time to stop. With less light, less warmth and growth slowing for the winter, no feeding is needed.

If you are a house plant feeder, you can resume again when growth and light returns. For me, that’s early March. In the southern hemisphere, it would be just the opposite. They are just coming out of their winter now, so now is that time.

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