Sun’s Out–Time to Water More


It’s hard to believe how warm the late March sun is. But plants that are in south windows–and even some that are in east windows–need more water now.

How much am I talking about? Well, plants that were getting watered once a week–or, occasionally in the darkest, coldest part of winter, every 2 weeks–are now getting watered every 4 days, and if I weren’t so lazy I could do it every 3 days.

All the other plants–in the western and north windows–definitely need water every week. In winter, it wasn’t that way. Many weeks I went 2 weeks between watering.

So if you haven’t checked your plants lately and changed up your watering, maybe you want to think about that.

One thought on “Sun’s Out–Time to Water More

  1. George Koulomzin March 30, 2020 / 11:20 am

    You could determine by exactly how much by using the new Android “Sun And Shade Analyzer” app

    The app will predict the daily hours of direct sunlight at any location in your garden, averaged over the date interval of your choice. So, you could go outside today (turn on “foliage simulation” if the leaves are not out yet) and determine the amount of sunlight that peony on the edge will get during July and August! And it takes only about 30 seconds once you get the hang of it! It’s quite revolutionary, actually!
    Search for it….

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