The Joy of Tiny Plants


One thing that I don’t see talked about a lot are tiny plants. I see a lot of folks growing them–you just have to scroll through some house plant feeds on Instagram and there are lots of tiny plants (although the giant plants seem to be all the rage at the moment).


And of course, as I mentioned last week, I like my plants to be interesting. So even most of my tiny plants have variegated leaves.


This African violet is an exception. No interesting leaves. But I put the small pruner next to it so you could get a sense of size. This plant is probably 10 years old and may be 3-4″ wide. The leaves may be dime sized–if they’re that big.

Another fun thing to do is to find truly small cachepots for these plants.


This is the pot that the tiny orchid is in–and yes, I brought it home from Aruba.


This is a pretty hand-painted Italian pot. I am not sure where I got it but I love it. It holds the Asian violet.

So if you have the opportunity to grow some truly tiny plants, take it. They are a joy!

2 thoughts on “The Joy of Tiny Plants

  1. tonytomeo March 16, 2020 / 10:25 pm

    That is an odd fad. I see tiny succulent in stores, and sort of wonder how many will survive much longer after getting purchased and forgotten on someone’s desk. Most seem to be succulents that will grow into substantial specimens, such as tiny jade plants, so at least they have a chance of survival if they do not get neglected.

  2. gardendaze March 17, 2020 / 5:37 am

    You mentioned succulents. Either lots of folks are doing posts on how to manage them a year later when they outgrow their tiny pots or there are a lot of succulents in the trash/compost. That’s another thing I am now being asked in the house plant lectures. It’s a relatively new question but it indicates the popularity of succulents–& the fact that folks haven’t a clue how to manage.


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