Crisis or Opportunity?


You probably remember this photo from a Wordless Wednesday a couple of weeks ago. A plant like this is sort of easy to manage when you are around to water. When you are going to be traveling for a week or more, it’s difficult to keep any bonsai watered–particularly one that’s glued into the pot and with no drainage at the bottom. That’s a recipe for disaster for almost any plant!

I am fairly adamant about not repotting anything this time of year and that goes for these disasters too. I think repotting in winter causes more harm than good.


That being said, I will have to see if these 2 plants can survive my travel without repotting. The serissa is known for being much thirstier than the fig. I have already moved it once because it was drying too quickly.

And on a different note, there’s no question that this serissa is not a “bonsai.” At best, it might generously be called a pre-bonsai.

Again, I haven’t done a thing with it. No point in training it if it won’t survive my trip out of town. Been there, done that. Besides, I was kind of hoping to get a nice bloom from it before I chopped it back. We’ll see.

Next time you see these plants, they’ll look more like bonsai–if they survived my absence.

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