The Un-Poinsettia


Each year, I post photos of aglaeonema, commonly known as Chinese evergreen plant, and call it something silly like the un-poinsettia or the anti-poinsettia.

Let’s face it: growers are losing the battle with poinsettias. Many people still believe the old myth that they are poisonous (they are NOT!)

But even if you don’t believe that myth, you may be like me, and may be limited by a cold house.

Or you simply may not want to look at a screaming red plant well into April–or longer. If any of these things is the case, aglaeonemas are the plant for you.


Usually I post a photo of this one because its color scheme is most “Christmas-like.” This is the appropriately named red stem variety.


If this is even too much red for you, this variety tones it down a bit. This variety is called Lipstick.


And if you just like the plant and don’t care about a holiday color scheme, this bright variety might be for you. This is Red Valentine.


All of these variations were developed from green plants, if you can imagine. Here’s a lovely green and white variety called Silver Queen.

If all of these choices don’t give you something to choose from when decorating, perhaps silk is more to your liking?

2 thoughts on “The Un-Poinsettia

  1. tonytomeo December 27, 2019 / 1:15 am

    This is a genus we do not hear much about anymore. Of course, I am not very versed on the tropicals, or what is trendy nowadays. I see a few of these around, but not like back in the 1980s.

  2. gardendaze December 27, 2019 / 5:58 am

    They must be getting trendy, Tony (although as you can see by the size of most of mine, I have had them for awhile). Just yesterday, Darryl Cheng had a cute little leaf collage of his on Instagram. He’s got all these, plus a couple more green varieties. I was a little appalled at myself.


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