Grower’s Results without the Fuss


Here’s a zygocactus that I recently got from a grower. It’s lovely and full of buds, a few of which have already opened.


Now here is one of mine that I’ve had for a couple of years–also full of buds. I may have 10 or 12 this size and you’ll see most, if not all of them on my “Wordless Wednesdays,” no doubt over the next few months.

If you’ll notice, mine has a many–or more–buds than the one I got from the grower. While you may say “so what?” you need to remember a couple of things: first I am a totally organic grower and next, I don’t fertilize.

So how did I achieve this? Simple. I put these plants outside this year, something I hadn’t done in the past.

I had never put them outside because they are “succulent-like,” and I was concerned that they would get too much moisture and would rot. But this year, with surgery on my arm, I had a little more time to pay closer attention to my container plants (since I couldn’t do a lot of the heavier work in the garden) so I was able to monitor them closely.


So they never got too wet–and rainwater obviously did them a word of good. Several shoots are double-budded like this one. This may be my new care regimin–so long as we don’t have a monsoonal rainy summer.

2 thoughts on “Grower’s Results without the Fuss

  1. tonytomeo December 11, 2019 / 2:21 pm

    They are easier to grow than most of us realize, although it is not so easy to get them to bloom on a particular schedule. They can bloom whenever they want to. I never grew one as a houseplants, but might bring a blooming specimen if it happened to still be in a pot when it blooms. I planted mine in the embankment over the road so that they cascade downward from above.

  2. gardendaze December 11, 2019 / 5:41 pm

    I’ll bet they look cool cascading down. I have tried them in hanging baskets but I don’t have good places for the baskets–wrong windows–so they didn’t do well. I just love the colors–& the shading of colors in a particular bloom.


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