Stripes, or….


If you have read this blog for a long time, you know that I am a huge fan of the genus sanseveria. Call these plants what you like–I usually call them snake plants but I know Mother in laws tongue is pretty common too–these plants are having their “moment” right now.

And they should. They always travel with me to lectures. I use them as examples of plants that will “almost grow in a closet.” In other words, they will grow in a very dark corner, completely neglected, and un-watered for weeks. Isn’t that where most of us encountered our first one, maybe in childhood or in a commercial building?

However, while they will grow in dark corners, these plants will also grow in east or west exposures–at least in my northern climate. And that’s where they really begin to shine and look glorious. They will bloom for you–mine bloom every year. And they will take on interesting coloring, even in the so-called boring green varieties.


Here’s one of the variegated varieties with the bloom stalk about to open.

Incidentally, they also make great container plants for outdoors. I generally plant them with plants that tend to like it on the drier side–succulents, heuchera or even annual pelargonium (geranium) would work. But I wouldn’t plant them with something that’s going need a lot of water.

Snake plants are some of my favorites. Their interesting shapes and colorful leaves brighten a room year round. The fact that mine bloom is just an added bonus.

2 thoughts on “Stripes, or….

  1. tonytomeo September 13, 2019 / 12:29 am

    The short new cultiars are weird, but I can see why they are popular. Some look like weird aloes.

  2. gardendaze September 13, 2019 / 5:42 am

    What about those round, pencil thin ones? Or even the round fat stubby ones? Of course I have those too, but I am still not sure what I think of them.

    I do have a short, ruffled one with almost a pink edge on the leaves. That one looks like an aloe with some odd coloring–maybe a hint of sunburn.


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