Herb Garden

Door yard herb garden
Door yard herb garden

I grow a lot of herbs. I grow herbs in the garden that I call my “wildlife garden.” These have been there for years and while I probably could eat them, I don’t–I just leave them there to flower and attract pollinators. (It also makes a difference that this garden is over half an acre from the house).

I also grow them in a garden that I’ll show you on Monday–but despite the fact that it’s primarily my vegetable and herb garden, I grow those too for pollinators. If I need something special that I have out there–like sage or tarragon–I might go out and get some, but for the most part, those herbs are there for our pollinators. They need them more than I do.

But these herbs are for me. As you can see, they’re just outside my door. And this porch is just off my kitchen and breakfast room. So this is a very convenient set up. Do I mind if the pollinators visit? Of course not, although I try not to let these flower.

I have 3 kinds of basil, parsley, thyme, rosemary, chives, the bay plant that some of you may remember from my over-wintered “polar Vortex ” post and the mint plant from that same post. The other over-wintered herbs have been planted out in the garden you’ll see on Monday. I want the freshest herbs here.

But if a swallowtail butterfly finds the parsley that’s here, you can be sure that the caterpillar can have it! In my gardens, pollinators win every time!

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