Patience Rewarded

Back when I worked in retail gardening, my #1 question was about hydrangeas and how to get them to reliably rebloom.

Now that I speak about a lot of different topics, my #1 question is about clivias and how to get them to rebloom. And while I can tell you, even I haven’t always had success following my own instructions.


I am not sure what I did differently this year but I am going to finally get a bloom. Here’s what worked.

Ideally this how you get a clivia to bloom. It has to do with cooler temperatures and dryness in the fall and early winter. Each year, I stop watering the clivia around Labor Day. It seems crazy but don’t water at all from early September until January 22. You would think that the plant would die but no.

It also needs very cool temperature–just above freezing really, about 40 degrees. That’s hard for most folks to achieve. I have a glassed in sun porch with a thermometer. I left it out there and watched it very carefully.

Once temperatures dropped near 40 degrees Fahrenheit on the porch, I brought it inside,but to a very cool room. It got very little light. Apparently it didn’t care. I was so surprised to se the flower stalk forming even before I started watering.

Once I saw the flower stalk, I brought it into the light and began watering. Now it’s just patience.

2 thoughts on “Patience Rewarded

  1. tonytomeo February 18, 2019 / 11:08 pm

    I did not know they had a problem reblooming. They just do it on their own, like short, fat and orange agapanthus. There are a few at a Chinese restaurant in town that bloom more spectacularly, but I never asked what the lady who tends them does to them.

  2. gardendaze February 19, 2019 / 11:40 am

    I had one that rebloomed for years–and then a house sitter killed it. But for some reason, most folks cannot seem to get them to rebloom. This one of mine didn’t rebloom for 2 years–and now it has. I just got one of the yellow ones. I have wanted one for years and they’ve finally come down enough in price that I bought one. But again, it’s not in spike so I will have to do the cold treatment thing in the fall to get it to set a bloom, I think.

    I am willing to bet your lady at the Chinese restaurant has them next to a window where it gets sufficiently cool at night to set the bloom spike. What ever it is, I’ll bet it’s lovely!


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