More Trendy House Plants


I know that few people can imagine that the humble snake plant–or mothers-in-law tongue–or what ever it is that you might call sansevieria–is “trendy.” But believe it or not, designers adore them!

How on earth can this be? Well there are several reasons for this. First, they have that wonderful, upright, vertical shape that makes them great for accent pieces or I have even seen them used in trough planters as room dividers.


Next, they are wonderful plants for cleaning the air, so along with your accent piece/statement plant/room dividing screen, you get a double duty plant that is actually doing the work of taking toxins from the air.

What sort of toxins? Formaldehyde, benzene and toluene are at least some of them, making this the perfect plant for home, office or dorm.

Formaldehyde is in all sorts of things from paper bags, furniture, flooring, indoor heating and even air fresheners–and even more things! Benzene is a by-product of household heating. And toluene can be found in copiers, printers, nail polish and beauty products.

Suddenly these plants are looking pretty darn trendy, aren’t they?

2 thoughts on “More Trendy House Plants

  1. tonytomeo October 29, 2018 / 3:00 pm

    Yes, again, another one of those rare trends that makes sense! For those who dislike the classic cultivars, there are several modern cultivars (not that I condone modern cultivars).

  2. gardendaze October 29, 2018 / 3:12 pm

    I have several of those new fangled ones as well. Most of them I like, although I can’t abide the “cutesy” names that the plant shops are giving them. If there is going to be an end to this house plant resurgence, it will be because it is killed by the cutesy names for things. I may have to do a post on that.

    The other issue with all the cultivars is of course they don’t clean the air as well. How can they, when their leaves are rolled, or curled or ruffled, etc. There’s not enough surface to do the job properly.

    But some of them are nice.


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