Herbs for Pollinators?


I have posted about herbs for bees before, when I was talking about self-cleaning annuals. But I think this group of plants gets over-looked as a pollinator source and it shouldn’t.


Not only are the blossoms some of the prettiest around (these are chives, from earlier in the season, and yes, they are edible, although you don’t want to put a whole chive blossom on your salad. Better to break it into pieces,) but their colors are the right colors usually for bees and butterflies–purples and blues and whites.

The photo at the top is oregano.


This is cilantro, going to seed and forming coriander seeds.

And sage (mine got too winter-killed to bloom this year) blooms in a lovely blue.


Finally, this is anise hyssop (agastache) which is an herb in the mint family. Most folks just grow it as an ornamental perennial but it can be used for tea if it has been grown organically.

So in addition to growing herbs for use, why not grow some for the pollinators too?

2 thoughts on “Herbs for Pollinators?

  1. tonytomeo July 24, 2018 / 11:54 pm

    Some of the herbs can naturalize quite nicely, and most are better than weeds that would be there otherwise (as long as they do not become too invasive). We have oregano doing quite nicely. Even pulling out the stray plants is a pleasure. It is so nicely aromatic.

  2. gardendaze July 25, 2018 / 5:47 am

    Yes, that’s exactly right. I have oegano at home (that’s the one in my photo) and also at work. At work, I planted a border of herbs to try to keep woodchucks out of a garden. It worked nicely for years until this year–but that’s a different story. But the herbs come back every year, they look nice, they clean up easily in the spring, and they’re great for pollinators. Hard not to like!


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