Dealing With the Fallout from Last Year’s Yard Poisoning

I know that I have a lot of new readers this spring so you all may not have been following me last summer when I told the tale of my neighbor’s lawn care company accidentally  “fertilizing” my lawn and spraying weed killer on my vegetables,  perennials and shrubs.

When the very nice and very apologetic management came out, I was assured that there would be no residual effects this spring.  I was told that whatever was sprayed was not like a glysophate, so it shouldn’t have a killing effect.

Really. I find it interesting (and frankly heartbreaking) that none of our clover has come back in the lawn. How long is this soil going to remain contaminated by whatever they put down?


We have only one small area of violets. The area around that yellow magnolia used to be covered in blue.

And my vegetable garden? The raised bed right under the yellow magnolia? All the perennial herbs are dead. Some had been in that bed for almost a decade.  It wasn’t that bad a winter. So clearly I don’t dare use it for vegetables this year. I will grow flowers and hope that I don’t poison the pollinators.

Our yard had been organic for literally decades. I have no idea how long it’s going to take the “good” soil bacteria, organisms and other living things to recover.

This is just an unbelievable experience.

2 thoughts on “Dealing With the Fallout from Last Year’s Yard Poisoning

  1. tonytomeo May 14, 2018 / 3:42 pm

    That IS so unbelievable. Of all the places to make such a mistake, it happens to be in your garden. If it happened in my garden, it would have been much more tolerable. (I work with idiots all the time.) My collegue’s home garden is so exquisite that parts of it often appear in Sunset Magazine. You may have seen plants from it. However, right next door is ‘the’ guy who feeds all the feral cats, who breed MORE feral cats. Brent’s idyllic gardens smell like a litterbox! He entertains there often, so it is a very serious problem. When I lived in town, the gentleman downstairs from me was a vegan. I brought a rabbit home one day and brought it upstairs in a grocery bag so no one would see it. I was quite careful. However, of all times for the drain to clog, it clogged as I was dressing the rabbit, so all the bloody water came up in his sink and overflowed all over his kitchen! It was just one rabbit, so it was not a lot of mess, but it was the nature of the mess that was the problem. I still feel horrible about that!

  2. gardendaze May 14, 2018 / 4:09 pm

    Oh gosh, there’s one in every town, right? And of course he lives next to your colleague with the gorgeous showplace gardens where he entertains. I guess this is just Murphy’s Law, just like your story about the sink. Oh well. Thanks for sharing. I feel a little better about my situation–but so sorry for your colleague!


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