Holiday Plants


Not quite what you were thinking of for Easter or Passover plants, was it?

I rarely have amaryllis for Christmas.   There’s just too much else going on: all the lights and decorations and the tree and glittery wrapping–there’s no real ability to appreciate these lovely bulbs.

And believe it or not, I started 3 of the 4 of them at different times. Somehow they just all decided to bloom at once.  What a bonanza . My Easter Lily is wasted.

Here are some closer photos.


This is Red Peacock. It’s a double,  with an intermittent white stripe.


This is Sweet Nymph,  which is a coral pink.


This one is occasionally available in box stores.  It’s a semi-double called Dancing Queen.


And finally my hellebores are opening. This is actually the Christmas rose, I think.  The Lenten rose is still barely showing a bud. Things move slowly here in the frozen north!

2 thoughts on “Holiday Plants

  1. tonytomeo April 2, 2018 / 2:30 pm

    Do they bloom late just because they were planted late? How long can they be delayed?

  2. gardendaze April 2, 2018 / 3:29 pm

    Yes, I planted these late– probably anywhere from late January to mid February after receiving the bulbs in mid-October. I stored them in a cool (mid 50s) place in my basement. I expect that if I had held them without planting them much longer they would have begun growing on their own–but none were showing any signs of growth when I started them.

    I think the cool storage is the key here, Tony. I have my other potted amaryllis from the summer down there–the ones that I let go dormant in September (because not living in a tropical place, I can’t plant them outside in the ground). None of these are showing any signs of “breaking dormancy ” at all. They usually don’t begin to grow again until I take them outside in May. And then I have more amaryllis all summer. It’s fun.


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