House Plant Collector?

Over the last weeks, we’ve looked at some plants with some unusual leaves.

But on Wednesdays, we’ve also looked at my large–and ever growing–collection of “holiday” cacti, let’s call them: the plants that bloom anywhere from Columbus day up until Valentine’s day, otherwise known sometimes as zygo cactus or schlumbergera.

I am beginning to see these blogs (Instagram feeds/YouTube channels–you get the idea) pop up where folks have house plant collections that put mine to shame. They have 700 plants in a tiny studio apartment.

Or they have plants literally covering every available surface–floors, walls, ceilings–it’s just mind boggling. I know how much work my collection is. I can’t believe those folks do anything but take care of their plants. More power to them!

So then, what makes a house plant collector–or any plant collector–and does it matter?

Probably not. If you have 3 plants and they are 3 unrelated plants and you love them, that’s all that matters.

But where I am going with this post is that I tend to go through little plant fetishes (maybe that’s what I should have called it) where I get fixated on a certain group of plants and I accumulate lots of those–like the zygo cactus.

After awhile I may change my mind about what I like and start accumulating something different. It may have something to do with how well my “fetish du jour” survives or maybe a plague of insects wipes out something I have become fond of so I move on to something else.

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