More About Office Plants

On Monday, I talked about how to figure out what plants might be right for your office–and showed you the cactus that live in my office windows.

I also named some good contenders for office plants but didn’t show any photos. Many folks are visual. So here are some good choices for dark offices.  You’ll see them in sort of “holding” spaces here in our offices.


This is the “snake plant” that I referenced on Monday. I am quite fond of saying that this plant will grow in a closet. Normally, we have two of these plants against the back wall of our church altar where they reside in total darkness for 20 hours a day and they do just fine so long as they are not over-watered. They are really enjoying their “temporary” vacation in our offices while the church is decorated with other things.


Our rubber plant, ficus elastica, fares somewhat better.  It is normally over near our baptismal font, which is near a side door so it gets slightly more light from small windows in that door.  Again, it is loving its vacation in the light. It normally does have this burgundy cast to the leaf veins and stems. It loses much of that in our very dark interior.


These 3 peace lilies (spathiphyllum sp.) look pretty much the same as they do where ever they are. The only difference is that they need more water now that they are getting more light–that is something to take note of as you move plants around!


Finally, here is a dracena. Dracenas have great issue with out water and our dry air–hence the browning leaf tips (many of which you can see that I have already trimmed once). Other than that, they are very easy care plants. This one is usually in the church foyer so its light situation is generally the same. it’s just probably warmer than it might normally be in our foyer at the moment!

As you shop, look around–I will bet that you see many of these very same plants behind the over-running poinsettias. And if they can live in dark suburban malls–or office parks–they can live in your offices as well!

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