Leaping, Sneaping Deer

Say what?!

Have you ever seen those signs along the highways with the image–in silhouette–of the leaping deer and then a number underneath like “next two miles.”

There’s a stretch of the New York State Thruway where first you see a sign that says deer next 1 1/5 miles, then almost immediately there’s another that says deer next two miles, then there’s another that says deer next 52 miles. I guess they figured they would run out of signs pretty darn fast at that rate.

After Monday’s post about the deer, mice, habitat and ticks, I thought I would do a post about deer and deer encounters with vehicles. We are right smack in the middle of “deer prime time:”–October, November and December are the 3 months, statistically when you are most likely to encounter a deer (in a negative way, of course) with your vehicle.

Is there science to this? Yes, actually. Believe it or not, this is deer mating season. So bucks will actually chase does straight into oncoming traffic. Ah, love. Or something.

Also, we have just (or most of us have just) changed from daylight savings time to standard time. So we’re all adjusting to driving in the dark again. Ack! This is our problem, not the deer but the reduced visibility makes it difficult to see.

Finally (and this will occasionally happen in the spring as well) deer will gather on the warm pavement on cooler nights at the change of seasons so beware of that.

All of the insurance companies have statistics about how deer/vehicle collisions go up this time of year. Be aware of that and try not to be one of those statistics.

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