More Sabi Than Wabi?


From here, the clay pot at the top of the 3 pots doesn’t look so bad, does it?


You knew,  however,  with a  title like “more Sabi than wabi” that something was wrong.  This is the top view of the pot–the one that made the Spoiler ask if I were throwing everything away.

This pot is a Guy Wolff pot. But even if it weren’t,  it’s still functional.  I am sure none of you noticed this huge imperfection all summer when I had the mandevilla growing in it. Here’s a shot of what that looked like.


The pink mandevilla is just beyond the geranium/sweet potato vine combo. And yes, you can partly see a chunk out of the side of the pot even in this photo.  But do you? No–not unless I call your attention to it.

And that’s why I keep the pot. It’s one of my favorites.

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