More Unusual Snake Plants

On Friday we talked about the more common “snake plant” types, the green and the variegated.

Today I want to show you some of the more unusual varieties, starting with some that are called “bird’s nest” varieties. So far as I can determine, the botanical on these is sansevieria trifasciata hahnii.  The  variegated one is either gold or golden hahnii.


These are low growing and slow growing. I acquired both of mine “by accident:” that is, in planter combinations with other succulents. You all know how I feel about succulents that get out of control by now–those are long gone. But these are still with me. I think the gold variety is at least 10 years old.


Then there is the unusual upright round variety. These are botanically called “cylindrica.” These are occasionally the darlings of the designer set if they remain upright.


In my house, however, I let them roam at will.  This is what happens. I don’t mind. I like them just the same (since I don’t have a designer showplace–more of a plant conservatory type of house!)


And finally there is this unusual, narrow-leafed highly variegated variety called ‘Bantel’s Sensation.’ I admit, even I have had a little trouble with this one. This is my second–my first succumbed to over-watering. That’s not usually a problem in my house! So be warned–they can be a little tricky about water.

So that’s our tour through my more unusual snake plants. I often take a few of these to my house plant lectures because when you say “snake plants” everyone rolls his or her eyes and thinks “oh those boring old things.” So this is just proof that these don’t have to be boring.

And as a bonus, they’re great air cleaning plants too.

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