Wordless Wednesday


You may remember my post from the Hartford Bonsai show about a month ago. At the time,  I said that I had very few bonsai anymore because they limited my ability to travel.

This is one exception.  This is Eugenia myrtifolia, or myrtle-leafed Eugenia. Occasionally in my part of the country,  we see Eugenia sold as a tropical topiary.  I guess in warmer places, it is a year-round topiary plant.

In my house, it has defied everyone’s attempt to kill it, even mine. It gets scale every winter.  Sometimes, I clean the scale off; other times I wait until spring when it goes outside.

My erratic watering means it loses a lot of leaves once it comes inside.  That’s fine.  There’s less for the scale to attack.

If it gets too dry, it loses all its leaves. There are times when I have been sure that it has died. But in the spring,  it leafs back out, and once August comes, it blooms.

I can’t tell you when it was last repotted. And you know that I don’t feed my plants.

It simply defies explanation–unlike the fiddle leaf fig you’ll see on Friday!

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