Found Plants


If you have been following me for a long time,  you know how much I love these plants. I am talking about the grey, tall, felty spikes that you see sort of evenly spaced along this otherwise weedy edge of the garden.  (And, yes, I know some of you think that these plants are weeds!)

I don’t happen to think of them that way. I think of them as native plants.


Here’s another spot they popped up.  They are bi-enniels so I knew last year that they were growing. I had nice low felty rosettes.

Their proper name is verbascum, but they have lots of common names like miner’s candle, common mullein and big taper.

I just really like them and the bumblebees do too. I’ll let them set seed so that ideally the cycle will continue again next year with more rosettes.


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