In The Pink


It struck me a few days ago how many different shades of pink there are in my garden.


Many of these are roses, and many of the roses are similar shades of pink. This is a new version of one of the OSO Easy roses.


And here’s the original Knockout rose, probably a good 20 years older–and yet, a similar shade. Does it keep me from wanting–or acquiring each? Of course not.


Then there are the more old-fashioned looking roses. Although this cluster of roses looks for all the world like an old-world rose, if you spy the catmint flower poking its head up in the background, you realize how tiny these roses actually are. This is one of the Drift roses. Another–a single form–is right next to it.


This is a totally different look–but no less charming.


This is supposed to be the “red” version of the Fairy rose. It’s “red” only if you know how pink the original Fairy rose is.


And here’s that tropical house plant that was in bud in my window earlier this spring. It certainly has lived up to its promise of glorious flowers.


Even begonias can have wildly differently “pink” flowers. This one doesn’t look so pink–until you contrast it with the one below which is almost salmon-y by comparison!


Even the dipladenia, shown below, screams out a shocking fuchsia hue after the salmon-y hue of the above begonia!


So let’s end with some true pink, shall we, of a miniature pelargonium in a trough garden. Hope you enjoyed the “pink tour!”


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