Why Won’t My Hydrangea Bloom?


Okay, we’re going a little off topic of pollinators, edibles and pesticides, but as soon as I saw this cart full of plants,  I knew immediately that there would be numerous disappointed gardeners next year.

As you can see, the blue ones are almost all sold. Everyone here attempts to get that “Cape Cod” look.

I checked the tag on the plant. It said “Early Blue”. It didn’t appear to have a zone indicated, a sure sign that these are florist hydrangeas for Mother’s Day.

When I was working retail,  I learned pretty darn quickly to ask the question about whether the plant was a gift plant as soon as I heard “Why won’t my hydrangea bloom?”

In our climate,  that’s usually the first reason. Late frost or snow is the second.  But that’s a whole other post.

These plants are beautiful,  though,  aren’t  they?

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