The Million Pollinator Challenge

So who feels like a challenge? I talked on Monday about not cleaning up the garden until it’s safe for pollinators.

But how about actively gardening to attract and keep them safe in the first place?

GWA (that’s the association for garden communicators, formerly known as Garden Writers Association–you see the logo on the blog that means that I am a member) is partnering with the Million Pollinator Challenge to help gardeners learn about gardening for these important creatures. And before you decide that this sort of gardening isn’t for you, head over to their site. I’ve made it easy for you. Click here.

Okay, now that you’ve seen that you really don’t even have to touch a trowel to be involved, maybe I have your interest. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be posting about the various ways that you can take the million pollinator garden challenge but just so you have a taste of some of the ways, here they are.

First, of course you can plant something–and you don’t need to plant a prairie. A simple container of flowers will do.

Next, if gardening isn’t your thing–or perhaps you might have allergies (either to bees or plants)–you can read about the various pollinators (I have friends who hate the outdoors but love reading. This is a perfect way to join the challenge if you’re someone like that!)

If you’re someone like me and likes to register your garden for various things, you can sign your garden up for the challenge. I’ve already done it. We’ll talk about that in greater detail in a different post.

Plant sustainably–that one is dear to my heart. Again more to come.

And finally, spread the word, and if you do so on social media, use the hash tag #polliNATION. There you go. It’s not asking a lot, particularly since up to 1/3 of all of our edibles is pollinated. Think about that.

Isn’t it about time we gave something back?

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