Wordless Wednesday–Plants that Clean the Air and Need Medium Light

Last Wednesday, I talked about plants for low light situations that were good air cleaners. Today I’ll talk about plants for “medium” light situations–so filtered sun, or an east or west window, generally. Sometimes even a south window will do if that window is shaded by trees. You’ll know your light and your plants after awhile.

Although I don’t have any photos, all of the dracenas–which I seem to talk about incessantly–fit into this category. Dracenas don’t like my water, which is “hard” water, and I don’t have time to mess with leaving out a special container or watering with special water for them. But they are usually fairly easy care plants.

while orchid

Another good choice for these windows, although generally at my house I grow these plants in east windows are the phalaenopsis, or moth orchids. These generally grow and bloom just beautifully in an east window–and they are often in bloom most of the winter, which is a great thing!

Red Stem Aglaonema

The final plant that is a great plant for medium light situations is the Chinese evergreen.  I have photos of a red-leafed variety on the blog just about every Christmas season. I call it the “anti-poinsettia.” It makes a great house plant and it’s nice to know that it cleans the air as well.

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