Wordless Wednesday–Plants that Clean the Air but Don’t Need a Lot of Light

I’ve been talking about plants that clean the air of specific chemicals. These posts have gone into detail about the best plants to remove certain chemicals, and at times even how much certain plants removed from the air. But what the posts don’t do is have photos of the plants or cultural requirements. So on the Wednesdays in between, I thought I would address some of those–because while these are all common plants that most folks can find just about anywhere, sometimes photos do help.

Today we’ll start with plants that can grow in dark corners, as I like to think of them. Most of these plants would do fine in northern exposures. Does that mean they won’t grow in other windows? No, of course not. But if a low light room or apartment is all you have, these are the plants for you!20160821_100803

You’ll hear a lot about snake plants (sansevieria) in the upcoming weeks. Here are a couple of mine growing not in a north window but in a west window. What does that say? Plants are adaptable. So while these plants can take dark corners, they don’t always have to be grown in them!

peace lily

You’ll hear a lot about the peace lily (spathyphyllum)too. When I lecture, I often say that these can grow in a closet. Not really, but almost. I have one of mine–this one in fact, on a landing in an eastern exposure. The other is in a room with a northwest exposure and it is way back from the window–at least 5 feet back in fact–and it still flowers. That’s what I mean about growing in a closet. This is one of the few plants I would ever put in a situation that dark.

Spider Plant

And then there’s this plant–the spider plant. If you’re old enough to remember the 70s, you probably had one of these. They’ve made a remarkable comeback. In the 70s, they were all green. Now they’re at least variegated. This one is hanging in a south window, if you can believe it. But I have the same plant hanging in a north window and it does just fine.

As we go through the next few weeks talking about the air-cleaning plants, look out for these. You’ll see the snake plant and the peace lily several times. I think the spider plant is less common. But it’s nice to know that they’re great for air-cleaning, isn’t it?

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