Wordless Wednesday


This sort of sums up my last two posts about house plants and “get growing earlier” when I said I never really stopped growing because I am always puttering with the house plants!

I am not quite sure what’s happened this year but I am really feeling gardening withdrawal. Usually it doesn’t hit me quite this badly until around March or so and by then I can get outside and do a little something here or there.

I think because my season was cut short so abruptly in early September by my surgery on my shoulder–so much was left undone and I had to abandon the garden–with the exception of hand watering–I am now feeling as if I have been “cheated” out of some gardening time. So I am making it up indoors, which is all I can do at this point!

In any event, I decided to refresh my terrarium and plant up this little globe with these tiny plants.


This is very cute. I am not sure how long this little fern will survive in here, but at least it’s not “glued in” like the air plant that didn’t survive.


And that looks better. Because this is not technically a sealed terrarium, it does need refreshing now and again. But  it has lasted amazingly well with very little care.

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