New Year’s Garden Resolutions

I like to make garden resolutions so much more than I like to make resolutions in other parts of my life. For one thing, they are generally easier to keep. And for another, they are selfless (I would say “more selfless”, but that isn’t even grammatically correct. But here’s what I mean by that.)

A “regular” New Year’s resolution is generally focused on yourself. It goes something like “exercise more,” “lose 10 pounds by summer,” “drink more water,”–you get the idea. It doesn’t benefit anyone but you, the resolution maker. I am not saying that that’s a bad thing at all. Where would we be if we didn’t vow to improve or change?

But gardening resolutions are generally different. No, they’re not going to achieve world peace (far from it) but many of them are going to make the gardener’s little plot of land a better place.

Take my own resolution for this year. I want to do more education here. In order to do that, I am going to have to learn more myself, grow different things perhaps, certainly plan better and show you different things on the blog than I have in the past and even come up with themes for months or series of posts. That’s a decent amount of work. But if I do it right and do it well, all of us should come away at the end of 2017 with some new knowledge–and ideally I won’t have insulted or offended anyone, which would not be my goal at all!

As we all know, organic gardening can mean many different things to different people. And the challenge is to talk about it respectfully so that we all learn–because as I always used to say when I worked in retail gardening, we are not born with this knowledge.

So here’s to a happier, healthier, greener 2017!

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